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With this book your kids won’t need a magical fairy godmother or a prince to save the day. You will understand what legal documents you need and why you need them in terms you can understand and actionable steps you can follow. With this book you will learn how to find the best possible attorney for your needs, safeguard your wealth and put a flag in the ground for your legacy. This book will help you protect your children’s future and happiness.

About the author

Pamela Maass Garrett is an Estate Planning Attorney and Owner of Law Mother LLC. Planted in Colorado, Pamela focuses her practice on helping families and business owners protect their future and loved ones. Pamela started her career as a Deputy District Attorney, she has over 40 jury trials under her belt, and she uses her litigation experience to help her clients plan in a way to keep their loved ones out of court and conflict. Prior to law school, Pamela earned her B.S. in Industrial Engineering, M.S. in Civil Engineering and enjoys using innovative technology to improve her clients’ experiences with legal planning.

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