The Working Moms Podcast Episode 029: Self Awareness Lisa Latimer, Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs 

 June 29, 2021

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“There are so many things, that as you're trying to grow a business or as you're working, that you really need help with. Asking for help is actually a boss move.” says Lisa Latimer. She is a mindset coach and host of the Personal Growth Lifestyle Podcast. She goes on to explain self-healing and the process of walking your mindset consciously. 

Emerging victorious after over a decade in the trenches of narcissist abuse, Lisa knows what it takes to cut through crippling low self-esteem and fear of failure. As a self-awareness facilitator/coach and author, Lisa helps women silence fear, gain clarity, and create the fulfillment they crave in life and business. As a human filter, she’s obsessed with flipping the script on ideas and conventional wisdom, dissecting it to understand how her clients and herself process it. 

Tune into this week’s episode of The Working Moms for an informative conversation between host Pam Maass and Lisa Latimer about how to increase your self-awareness, becoming Jedi Master-like in your ability to consciously filter out what doesn’t serve you, get to the roots of your false truths & self-limiting beliefs so that they’re no longer a threat (possibly becoming an asset), and creating new habits that will help you break through the most difficult walls. 


  • “There's no finish line. And that's okay. Because I think that when you look at it as an adventure, it really becomes more interesting. And it allows you to create this curiosity. And that's so much of what mindset is, is it's being curious. It's developing this ability to look at things from more than just one angle.” (3:44-4:05) 
  •  “Your self awareness allows you to really process that information in a way that's going to lead you to success and fulfillment and all of the things that you want in life, versus leading you away from those things and having you in these self defeating patterns just kind of chasing your tail.” (4:35-5:20) 
  • “When you take accountability for things, you're actually allowing yourself the power, and the permission to say, you know what, I've got this, it doesn't have to be like this forever..” (10:50-11:30)
  • “The more you question things, the more you start to dig and you dig up these gems. And so that's why I recommend journaling, because you're going to come up with so many random bits and pieces. And you need a place to put them so that you could sit down sometimes and just look at it all.” (13:32-13:51) 
  • “Our brains crave predictability, your brain wants to kind of ensure your survival. So it's really easy to survive situations that you are already comfortable with, and that you know what to expect. So those are the top two things that I like to have people ask themselves about their thoughts and their behavioral patterns and start to work their way with their journaling” (17:52-18:17)
  • “I really believe in my heart that when we improve ourselves, when we increase our self-awareness, eventually our collective awareness will follow. And we are at such a point in time where self awareness is hard enough to find because we're being pushed and pulled in so many directions, right? We need to learn how to cut through all the noise and get that clarity.” (26:45-27:11) 

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