Running for Office as a Working Mom 

 October 8, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

Meet Alexis King - Candidate for Jefferson & Gilpin County District Attorney in this episode of The Working Mom’s Podcast. In an environment underrepresented by women, Alexis has forged through the world of the District Attorney’s (DA) office and created a path for other women to consider undertaking running for office. There have been many surprises in Alexis’ career, yet she’s learned beautiful lessons that have shaped her into the experienced and personable leader she is today.

Jefferson County is where Alexis raises her kids. Navigating and prioritizing her love for her children and her community has enabled Alexis to make decisions to help and protect both. While serving over a decade in the DA’s office, Alexis prosecuted everything that came in the door. However, when her life changed, Alexis bravely shifted her views of work in a paternalistic world to protect herself and her unborn child. Learn about the decisions Alexis made based on the needs of someone she hadn’t even met yet.

Later, listen in as Alexis opens up about the emotions that motivate her to be a caring mother and empathetic leader. Alexis believes that emotions are strengths and feminine qualities are not weaknesses. In fact, Her vision of how women should be treated in the DA’s office embraces flexibility, empathy, kindness, and, building others up. Alexis admits that it is a hard job and there’s no fairy dust to make the job easier. But allowing people to be flexible, such as working from home, can give working moms the runway they need to support their family and their community.

Alexis also provides further insight for working moms who may be thinking about running for office. Is balance a reachable goal or is it overrated? Tune in to hear Alexis’ expressions about balance, family buy-in, and the greatest gift of flexibility. You’ll also hear practical advice from Alexis on the programs she used to sharpen her leadership skills as well as what she does to stay present in the moments she spends with others while campaigning. Learning again and being at the bottom of the curve was a challenge for Alexis. However, she shares what she did to make herself anew and how practicing resiliency has been refined further during the campaign process.

Don’t miss Alexis’ shared insights on how to look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and see the silver lining. Alexis has grown closer to her children. Additionally, seeing Alexis in action has enhanced their understanding of why mom is so busy. Be sure to listen all the way to the end for fun book recommendations to help elementary-aged children understand what elections are all about. 


"The greatest gift that I can earn or have is flexibility."

“I never thought I would run for office.”

"There wasn't an obvious path for a woman to run for District Attorney"

“I had to make a decision based on the needs of someone I hadn't met”

“Give [women] the space to mature and go through life”

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