Pamela Maass Testifies on Medical Sex Abuse at Judicial Committee 

 April 26, 2019

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

Maass Law Firm attorney, Pamela Maass, testified in front of the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee last night advocating for better protections for patients from medical sexual abuse. 

Maass argued that the nation is reeling from the consequences of people in power turning a blind eye to sexual assault, yet in Colorado there are layers upon layers of secrecy allowing for doctors to sexually assault and abuse their patients. 

Maass stated that the peer review process creates a shield of secrecy and allows medical sexual abuse to continue to occur in Colorado.  

Maass gave the example of Dr. Michael Brazleton, a pediatrician who had his license suspended in 2017 for abusing children during medical exams. In 2006, red flags were raised about Dr. Brazelton in the peer review process but those red flags were shielded from law enforcement and the public. Due to the confidentiality of the peer review process, Dr. Brazelton was allowed to resign from his position at Kaiser hospital in lieu of undergoing the full peer review proceeding. Dr. Brazleton then went to work down the street at children’s hospital, and continued to abuse children for another decade.  

Maass also referenced Dr. Justin Niesler, who has been charged videotaping naked males as young as nine years old during physical examinations. Niesler treated Colorado patients since 2016, at 17  facilities. If any red flags were raised in a peer review process, we will never know, those records are shielded. 

How Often does medical sexual assault occur?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution identified more than 3,100 doctors (1999-2016) accused of sexual misconduct and stated this number only represents a fraction  explaining that violations never came to the attention of state regulators or are concealed:

  •  Hospitals, clinics and fellow doctors fail to report sexual misconduct to regulators.
  • When sexual abuse incidents are reported to the National Practitioner data bank they are categorized as “not applicable”.
  • Doctors who voluntarily surrender licenses aren’t reported.
  • Sexual misconduct committed on sedated patients is rarely reported. 

Maass urged legislators to oppose the current version of Peer Review until amendments are made to protect patients from medical sexual abuse.

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