Pamela Maass Interviewed by FOX31 Regarding Harassment Suit Against Disgraced Eye Doctor 

 June 1, 2017

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

The former chairman of the Colorado Optometry Board is being sued for sexual harassment by an unnamed former patient.

The suit alleges that in 2015, “While plaintiff was seated in an examination chair and undergoing an eye examination where her sight and mobility was restricted by equipment used in the examination, Defendant Paul Conkling aggressively began to grab, grope, and kiss Plaintiff against her wishes.”

“We know he’s done this to other women, and he has now denied it,” said attorney Pamela Maass, who filed the lawsuit with attorney Ross Pulkrabek of Keating Wagner Polidor Free.

See the full FOX31 interview with Pamela Maass here.

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