Legally Ever After Episode 05: Wealth Management for Real Estate Investors 

 October 25, 2022

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“As a wealth manager, I'm a big believer in leverage,” explains Caleb Collier, Vice President & Investment Adviser. Caleb understands how real estate investors can leverage their capital as the market changes. Although there are always challenges, tune in today to learn unique tips to bolster your equity and build your portfolio.

Unlike many investment advisers, Caleb, and his firm, have always been real estate friendly. With his extensive knowledge in mind, Caleb recommends advanced planning. When you start investing early, it’s easier to see how you can leverage your capital into another income stream. Although many people focus on the active management of their properties, there are ways to transition into passive investing, which can lead to a healthy retirement.

Accumulating working capital is critical if you’re a real estate investor. Learn more about the benefits of a properly structured life insurance contract, finding the right wealth manager, and the truth about interest rates.


  • “There are some unique strategies we can use to help clients capture the working capital they're accumulating with their real estate business while they're not using it.” (1:34-1:45 | Caleb)
  • “As a wealth manager, I'm a big believer in leverage.” (2:53-2:56 | Caleb)
  • “Life insurance, as an investment and a place to store value and earn interest, has to be set up properly.” (6:26-6:35 | Caleb)
  • “Keep an eye on that working capital. It's just amazing how quickly it can accumulate.” (18:24-18:30 | Caleb)
  • “For people who have saved a lot of value and working capital, the interest opportunities now have increased 200, 300, 400% for safe investments that don't have principal risks.” (23:01-23:14 | Caleb) 

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