Legally Ever After Episode 04: Protecting Real Estate from Divorce 

 October 18, 2022

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“When you've got something as complex as real estate investments, it can be overwhelming for many people,” explains Ryan Kalamaya, Family Law Attorney. Many couples do not know how to protect their real estate in case of divorce. Today, Ryan educates the listeners on the legal steps needed to ensure that no matter what happens, your properties remain yours.

Before getting married, Ryan recommends negotiating a premarital and post-marital agreement. Without these contracts, it may add further complications to an already taxing divorce process, especially when significant wealth is at risk. By hiring a trustworthy attorney, you can determine what you want from your divorce and ensure that all parties get what they need.

You can’t always predict if a marriage will last, but you should always be able to protect your assets. Learn more about handling inherited properties, martial agreement tips, and common real estate mistakes people make during divorce.


  • “Real estate is great for the long term, but it is not the most liquid asset.” (13:14-14:19 | Ryan)
  • “When you've got something as complex as real estate investments, it can be overwhelming for many people. It's a real challenge.” (15:54-16:12 | Ryan)
  • “If someone tries to extract every single cent, and they're not speaking, and the kids are in therapy because the parents can't get along, that seems to be a failure, in part, by the lawyers to help people move on to better places.” (25:52-26:10 | Ryan)
  • “My practice, even though I deal with divorce, is to try to lead by example. One of the things I enjoy most about my practice is being able to help people become better parents, business owners, and real estate investors.” (33:23-33:42 | Ryan)

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