Legally Ever After Episode 03: Finding Money for Real Estate Investments with Holly Gallegos 

 October 18, 2022

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“I think my legacy really is trying to give people financial advice,” explains Holly Gallegos, Senior Vice President of First Bank. With her background in finance, Holly understands the tips and tricks for securing money to invest in real estate. If you’re an investor looking to increase your portfolio, gaining insight from Holly’s advice will be invaluable.

For first-time investors, taking equity out of your primary residence is a way to find the money for outside investing. With many people not realizing how much equity is in their property, Holly recommends exploring if this path is a viable option for you. However, home equity is not the only way to break into the real estate industry. Whether you try a 1031 Exchange or use your IRA, there are many ways to gain the funds to purchase real estate. 

Although it may seem challenging, it is possible to break into real estate investing. Learn more about leveraging your home equity, building up a fix-flip business, and common mistakes to avoid when seeking investment funding.


  • “One thing that a lot of people don't know is you don't always have to do the same type of real estate. If you're selling a one to four-family property, you don't necessarily have to go buy another one to four-family property. You could sell several one-to-four families and 1031, into an apartment building, for example. Or you could sell an apartment building and put that money into an office condo.” (2:44-3:10 | Holly)
  • “We at Firstbank can do self-directed IRA loans, which is a product that almost no other banks can do.” (8:49-8:55 | Holly)
  • “We're able to do what I would call common sense underwriting. So we can look at your global net worth, cash flow, repayment history, all of those things, and just be a little more flexible.” (11:34-11:49 | Holly) 
  • “I think one unique thing about us is that we can help you with everything from a HELOC to an apartment building or development loans. So it's kind of a one-stop shop.” (20:17-20:28 | Holly)
  • “I think my legacy really is just trying to give people financial advice.”  (20:56-21:03 | Holly)

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