Legally Ever After Episode 01: Property Management Tips for Investors with Greg Bacheller 

 October 11, 2022

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“Getting the right property at the right price is pivotally important,” explains Greg Bacheller, Owner of Real Property Management Colorado. After growing up, studying, and building his business in Colorado, Greg understands this market and what investors need to do to manage their properties. In fact, Greg started his business with no properties and one employee and has since then hired 30 amazing employees to help manage their 1,400+ properties. With his expertise in the industry, Greg joins host Pamela Mass Garrett on today’s first-ever episode of Legally Ever After to chat  about practical property management tips for investors.

One of the most crucial aspects of real estate investing is the expertise needed to manage the property effectively. With tenants to screen, insurance to purchase, and never-ending home issues, it may be difficult for investors to be available full-time. Unless you are a landlord who truly enjoys the property management process, Greg suggests hiring someone full-time to stay on top of the day-to-day operations and solve the problems that arise. 

With Greg’s valuable insight into the field, property management can become more accessible for investors to navigate. Learn more about the importance of buying the right property, how Greg’s business assists landlords with inevitable challenges, and the common mistakes of investors.


  • “Getting the right property at the right price is pivotally important. And investors need to make sure that whatever that property is, and whatever that price point is, you've got the right property on your hands.” (2:11-2:26 | Greg)

  • “The more due diligence we take up front, the better our chances are of not having problems on the back end.” (11:22-11:30 | Greg)

  • “We can never eliminate the risk of a renter living in your investment property, but we're trying to do everything we can by screening processes and site visits to mitigate those risks as best we can.” (15:29-15:42 | Greg) 

  • “I'm very optimistic that the investor community will have some great opportunities. I'm still very bullish on the whole front range.” (29:15-29:24 | Greg)

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