Episode 018: Losing Weight for the Last Time 

 January 12, 2021

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

When it came to her weight, says Krista Olsen, MD, “I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it.” After a lifetime of struggling with her body, Krista began to realize that it wasn’t her diet that was killing her -- it was her thoughts about her diet. On this episode of The Working Moms Podcast, host Pam Maass talks to Krista about how to lose weight for good. But this isn’t another fad diet or unsustainable exercise routine - it starts with changing the way you think about yourself.

Krista, an ob-gyn and certified life and weight loss coach, takes a medical approach to weight loss. In her eyes, it’s all about dopamine and insulin. She explains how to distinguish between emotional and physical hunger, and shares some tools, like intermittent fasting, to regulate insulin and promote a healthy weight. She also talks about how to work with your thoughts to navigate discomfort and shame -- the things that most often get in our way as we struggle to lose weight. 

For thoughtful advice on how to be kinder to yourself, keep enjoying the foods you love, and lose weight for good, tune into this episode of The Working Moms Podcast.


“I was using food to numb some of the discomfort in my life.” (2:07-2:11)

“We talk to ourselves in a way that we would never talk to anyone else.” (7:58-8:02)

“It’s really about letting women know: you can live the life you want. And you get to decide what that is.” (28:12-28:16)

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