Episode 017: Following Your Heart in Business 

 December 29, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“I am learning that a lot gets done even when you’re laughing,” says Kristen Gullickson, CEO of Omni Tracks, a sustainability-focused electric bike startup. Kristen talks with host Pam Maass about being a mom-entrepreneur, how her career has changed as her kids have grown, and how she embraced a new opportunity to join the startup world as a working parent. 

Kristen has had a unique career journey. Her husband is a trained chef, and they began their entrepreneurial endeavors in the food industry. But working in a restaurant wasn’t sustainable once they had children, and Kristen moved into the corporate world to find stability for her new family. But her passion for ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) Investing led her away from corporate American and into the startup world, where she found that she could balance her passion for business with her passion for sustainability, wellness, and accessibility. 

Kristen talks about her journey as both CEO and mom, and what it has been like for her to define her own success as she steps away from the corporate world. Along the way, she shares inspiring mantras for working moms everywhere who are looking for new ways to manifest fulfilling and balanced lives.


  • “For me, when I came up for air after those seven and a half years, I realized there’s other things I want” (8:19-8:25)
  • “Stay in tune with your heart, and don’t be afraid to continue to put it out there.” (21:15-21:19)
  • “I am learning that a lot gets done even when you’re laughing and even when you’re gracious to yourself” (22:43-22:50)

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