Episode 016: Creating Quality Time With Your Baby 

 December 17, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“Babies are individuals,” says Molly McDonald, Body Mind Parenting Expert, and there is no perfect way to treat your baby. Molly, who has worked with babies and new parents for over twenty years, talks to host Pam Maass about the power of spending quality time with your baby, and how her own path to business came when she was faced with life as a single parent. 

As a Body/Mind Parenting Expert, Molly often gets asked what exactly her work entails. In reality, Molly essentially founded her field, because she found that her work in clinical psychology and massage didn’t take her exactly where she wanted to go. Her fascination with the bond between parents and their newborn babies led her to create Touch-a-Day (TAD), a membership program for parents with new babies that provides insight on touching techniques, massage, and tips and tricks to better understand your baby and their needs. 

Molly tells fascinating stories about her experience teaching parents how to do modified massage on their premature babies in the NICU, and shares some mind-boggling statistics about the power of touch -- including the fact that babies who are massaged in the NICU gain weight faster and leave the hospital sooner. But when it comes to guidelines for parents looking to support their baby’s well-being, Molly is firm in her belief that each baby is different. She shares some cues to look for to guide your interaction with your baby in a way that respects who your baby is an individual. 

Along with at-home breast-feeding tests and infant massage and stretching exercises you can do with your baby, Molly shares her expertise on the mindful practice of being a parent. Molly reminds us that spending quality time with your infant isn’t just good for the baby - it’s good for you too. Just taking the time to breathe deep and soak up the joy of being with your child is a simple practice that can make everyday a little bit brighter.


  • Quality time for me with a baby comes from first getting present (7:10-7:15)
  • Following your baby’s lead is the key in everything (13:12-13:18)

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