Episode 015 Human Connection & Self-Love In Business 

 December 3, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

What is the empowered path? For Marta Spirk, Empowerment Coach, Speaker and host of the Empowered Woman Podcast, it starts with knowing yourself. Marta talks with host Pam Maass about her journey to becoming an empowerment coach, and what she’s learned as she guides women toward self-knowledge and self-love. 

It was becoming a mom that sparked Marta’s journey toward self-knowledge - specifically, becoming a new mom with triplets. She became a coach not just to help others, but to find her own purpose, and achieve not balance, but harmony between self, family, and business. 

What is Marta’s path to empowerment? It all starts with knowledge. As she says: “The more mindful I am of what I’m doing, the better of a job I’m doing.” But being knowledgeable is only the first step - you have to do something with it too. Marta talks about using self-assessment tools like the Enneagram that help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and determine your core motivations. In her work with clients, she encourages women to spend time not just taking those tests, but reflecting on them, and working through the feelings of shame that may come when we struggle to acknowledge our faults. In fact, Marta argues, often our weaknesses go hand-in-hand with our strengths. 

Marta embodies her own mission, speaking openly and honestly with Pam about what drives her, and what she has learned about herself as she cultivates self-love and self-empowerment. Along with practical tips and a proven framework to guide her work, Marta embodies the spirit of her enterprise - she knows herself, and loves herself, and she wants you to do the same.


  • “The more mindful I am of what I’m doing, the better of a job I’m doing.” (5:32-5:39)
  • “Having a business and having a mom is similar in many ways - there is no text book” (5:55-6:03)
  • “The empowered path is: I know all these things about myself, I will love myself through it, and I will work to become a better version of who I am.” (12:21-12:29)

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