Episode 013: Tips for The Fourth Trimester 

 November 5, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“Get sun, take a shower, and do something special for yourself.” Tara Duncan and Miki Tynan, Co-Founders of Hygge Birth and Baby, return to bring you empathetic guidance to help you care for yourself and your newborn baby. Join the conversation as Tara and Miki have open and authentic conversations regarding the beautiful discoveries you’ll find hidden like gems within the challenges of the fourth trimester. 

Tara and Miki have shared your fears and joys that exist within the uncertainties of what life looks like after your baby is born. In this episode, you’ll learn how Tara and Miki continue their course of constant support to mama, baby, and the family throughout pregnancy, the first six weeks after birth, and beyond. Tara and Miki crafted Hygge Birth and Baby to provide comfort and to help you cope with overwhelm. Tara and Miki’s support transcends the walls of Hygge Birth and Baby and encourages you even when you’re at home learning about the little human that was born. 

Get real advice from real mamas, Tara and Miki, who will help you as you meditate on and outline your postnatal support plan. The six-week period, or fourth trimester, after birth is a significant time for mama and baby. Tara traces the timeline and experience of how women go through a huge shift in mind and body with very little sleep. Additionally, Tara isolates the critical milestone of week three that often brings varying shades of depression from baby blues to the extreme. 

Later, Miki opens up and shares her journey of how she worked through feeling sad all the time. Miki expresses the practical steps she took to stay healthy mentally. Finding ways to give herself grace, Miki relied on those around her to support her, including her doctor. Listen closely to Miki’s warning to mamas who are contemplating using medication to help make themselves feel better in their normal. 

Tara continues the conversation by unraveling the personal struggle within as she felt pulled between her career and staying home with her baby. Tara’s encouraging guidance on how to have confidence in your decision aims to help you avoid feeling selfish or like you’re losing yourself. Additionally, Miki freely gives supportive reassurance for you to feel confident to ask and accept help along with ways to overcome worrying about perception.

Tara and Miki understand that it can be hard to know which path is the right course to take when a baby is born. However, Miki’s reassuring words kindle conviction that when the baby is born, you will know what to do. To further empower you as you pick your path, Tara and Miki, take a deep dive into these additional topics:

  • Advocating for yourself and others as a working mama in the office
  • When to reach out to a lactation consultant
  • Hygge Birth and Baby preconception, prenatal and post-conception care

Don’t miss Tara and Miki’s special message to you, all mamas and soon to be mamas, as you look for supportive ways to feel confident in your normal. 


  • “Your normal is normal, let’s get you feeling good in your normal.”
  • “Take those yeses and allow people to help you.”
  • “Have confidence...your choice is your choice.”
  • “It will become clear to you when the baby is born.”
  • “Whatever choice you make, you will hear the opposite, but you will know.”

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