Episode 0012 :: Why Choose a Birth Center, with Founders of Hygge Birth and Baby 

 October 22, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“Forget what you’ve heard, let’s create your new belief of what birth really is.” Get to know Tara Duncan and Miki Tynan Co-Founders of Hygge Birth and Baby as they share meaningful guidance designed to replace negative thoughts about birth with positive imagery. Tara and Miki champion the power inside of women to give birth naturally. To support women through their journey, they’ve created a warm aesthetic and environment based on the coziest mindset of all: Hygge. 

Tara and Miki’s journey begins with a fast friendship. Sharing a path of internal and external research and development, Tara and Miki connected over the idea of finding something larger to do with their lives that would provide more meaning. Tara was at the peak of her game as a lawyer and Miki was making an impact in the world of corporate insurance and wealth management. Deciding to redefine what success meant to them, Tara and Miki shed the fear of leaving what they felt was supposed to be successful and embraced their own innate right to happiness. Passion and purpose aligned which propelled Tara and Miki into bringing Hygge Birth and Baby to life. 

What is Hygge? Tara explains the Danish origins of hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") and paints a mental picture we can all comfortably fall into. While a literal translation into English does not exist, Tara highlights the essence of Hygge and its roots in creating surroundings that make you feel warm and fuzzy such as your favorite food or a cozy blanket. Miki continues the conversation by explaining how the principles of Hygge are infused with the comfort of a doula, or a professional birthing coach to meet the emotional and physical needs of the family. 

See inside a birth center as Tara and Miki introduce you to the process and personnel that await you. While Tara and Miki are not anti-hospital, their goal is to provide women with the opportunity to direct their own birth story. Tara and Miki have channeled their own experiences of feeling powerless to choose how to give birth and seek to empower other women through education. Listen in as Tara and Miki review enlightening statistics and results of natural birth success stories. 

Tune in and hear Tara and Miki express how they are contributing to changing the narrative around the natural birthing process and how they’ll support your journey to break down the stigma. Tara and Miki believe that society won't change unless our voices are shared and they want to support families as they make healthy decisions for their families, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get to know Tara and Miki in this podcast episode as they encourage you to embrace your own right to happiness and freedom.  


  • “There’s finally a name for what we’ve been doing for our girlfriends our whole lives!”
  • “When passion and purpose align, you just take off”
  • “We’re gonna redefine what success means to us in this moment, in this time of our lives”
  • “The philosophy behind birthing centers really is all empowerment through education.”
  • “It is one of the most powerful things to be apart of to see a woman walk through that journey and come out on the other end like nothing ever happened.”

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