Episode 010: Increasing Productivity and Overcoming Procrastination 

 September 24, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“You own your future. It's your real estate to do with it what you want.” Join Neill Williams, Life Coach and Host of Unbusy Your Life Podcast, as she helps you examine how you can break away from the typical corporate mom mold. Neill believes you can decide how many hours to work in a week. Neill shares her belief system by coaching entrepreneur moms to change their business mindset. As a result, Neill draws out the inner confidence and high productivity existing inside of mompreneurs so they can reclaim ownership of their workweek.

Neill is living proof that it is possible to create a six-figure business in a 25-30 hour workweek and still feel energized and balanced. While struggling as a working mom, Brooke Castillo changed Neill's life in a podcast. Deciding to recreate her life, as well as other corporate moms, set Neill on a journey to find a better way to live in a more sustainable or balanced way. Neill used to think that working tons of hours was the thing that made her successful. Later, Neill learned that success can be created in any number of hours. All Neill had to do was decide what that number was - for her.  

In this episode, Neill provides insight into the difference between a therapist and a life coach. As a life coach, Neill focuses on your mindset and future as opposed to your past. Neill helps her clients answer questions such as:

  • How you would like to move forward in the world?
  • Where did the 40-hour workweek come from? 
  • What is the value of an hour?

Challenging your own thoughts along with self-examination in Neill’s program helps you close the gap between where you are working and where you want to be working. Neill also dives in on why you shouldn’t outsource the decision of how many hours you would work. Yet, how do you take back ownership of that decision?

Don’t miss Neill’s unveiling of the two biggest mind shifts that will transform your life and how you view a familiar friend, your schedule. Overcoming the “primitive” brain is key to carefully and thoughtfully curating the life you want to live and its how Neill enjoys a productive and peaceful life now. Neill explores the connections between thoughts and feelings while converting them into tools of productivity. Working through negative feelings and the bad habit of procrastination is the path Neill traversed and the journey that awaits you in this episode of The Working Mom’s Podcast.


  • “High productivity is about getting as much done in an abbreviated amount of time”
  • “You own your future. It's your real estate to do with it what you want.”
  • “Don't just stop at making the list, process the list.”
  • “Question what you’ve always just adopted as true.”
  • “It's not the number of hours that's important, it's who you are in those hours”
  • “You don't have to keep your brain in your work when you're in your non-work hours”

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