Episode 009: Dentist, Mama & Business Owner – Dr. Allison Brown 

 September 10, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“You can absolutely have the best of both worlds,” shares Dr. Allison Brown, owner of High Forest Dental. Dr. Allie couldn’t be more excited to deliver exceptional care to her patients. She loves Colorado, her job as a dentist, and she is enthusiastic about learning and growing as the field of dentistry progresses into the future. Uplifted by her childhood dental visits, Dr. Allie seeks to provide confidence, comfort, and joy to others through her practice.

This episode captures Dr. Allie’s relaxing and fun spirit that she brings to the world of dentistry. Becoming a dentist was a natural place for Dr. Allie to go since she loves math, science, and people. Today, Dr. Allie builds confidence in others so they can overcome their fears and work towards improving their overall health. Dr. Brown thrives on connecting with patients and helping them feel passionate about their oral health. She is committed to working collaboratively with patients to boost their confidence and help them enjoy visiting the dentist.

Dr. Allie’s practice slows things down and connects with people to help them feel comfortable. Seeking to dispel the fear that can come with dental visits, Dr. Allie focuses on treating people as individuals and learns the story behind each visitor. She also ensures to allow enough time with her patients in order to create a better overall dental experience. If you’re struggling with how to select a dentist, Dr. Allie provides tips on what to look for and how to find a practice that cares about people. 

How soon should your children be introduced to “happy visits” with “Mr. Slurpy”? Dr. Allie offers recommendations, guidelines, and reassurances to help introduce children to their first dental experience.  Additionally, Dr. Allie outlines ways to care for your children’s teeth at home includes. Later, Dr. Allie dives in on the Healthy Start program, a holistic approach designed to correct oral mouth habits for children which follows them into adulthood. 

Dr. Allie’s practice always seeks to make the dental experience comfortable which includes financing oral health. Listen in as Dr. Allie simplifies financing options including High Forest Dental’s in-office membership. Dr. Allie also walks you through the differences between an in-office membership plan and how it can be more economical than insurance. 

As a mom who owns her own business, Dr. Allie understands the crazy that has to be managed on a daily basis. Letting people help her has been the biggest thing Dr. Allie has learned. With the support of her husband, Dr. Allie has learned to let go and delegate. Offloading has helped Dr. Allie to be present in her son’s life which strengthens her to overcome the guilt of being away at work. Don’t miss practical tips from Dr. Allie to have the best of both worlds: business owner, and more importantly, mama.


  • “Letting people help me has been the biggest thing to learn”
  • “It’s been crazy! I don’t know of any mom who works full time and owns their own business who would say otherwise.”
  • “I always knew I wanted to own my own practice.”
  • “Dentistry is something that I love.”
  • “I got to build what means a lot to me.”

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