Episode 0008: Dispatch Mom – On-Demand Help for Moms 

 August 27, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“You can’t drink out of an empty cup,” shares Arezou Zarafshan - CEO and Startup Coach. Listen in as Arezou shares her own belief system on prioritizing what comes into her and what she puts out into the world through managing work-life, mom-life, and her life. In this episode, you’ll also hear Arezou share her own negative and winning experiences in the world of startups. 

Even though Arezou's journey began bitterly, her search for a better path led her right back to startups. Following the plans of the Universe, Arezou embraced the good side of the startup world by turning a negative experience into a way to help other people such as Heidi Ganahl. Today, Arezou channels her 20+ years of experience of working in corporate America to passionately support first-time founders as they change the world. 

Arezou shares the journey with first-time founders who are ready to evolve but confused about what to do next. There may be a million paths to take an idea to market and Arezou identifies what paths should be evaluated. Learn about the types of industries Arezou works with and how she helps first-time startup founders course correct and launch in a way that's scalable later.

Arezou also shares insight into her life behind the scenes. Take a walk around Arezou’s mind as she talks through creating a mental model that has helped her “balance on aggregated”. Through an aggregated lens of her schedule, Arezou changes the very definition of the word balance. She views herself as a system and identifies ways to keep her system working. Arezou believes that family, work, and intellectual stimulation are all part of life. Thus, she seeks to create balance across all of it through reflection and relying on her tribe. Arezou also provides the best practices and tools she uses for managing the inputs and outputs of her life. 

Later, Arezou provides guidance to overcome the guilt about hiring someone to help out mom. It is ok to have a tribe and Dispatch Mom was founded on this principle. Born from an organic experience, Arezou shares how Dispatch Mom allows the busy mom to have involvement in family life with the added freedom to take some time off. Giving mom a little relief is a truth Arezou feels strongly about. Find out how she crafted a way to help moms continue to give while rejuvenating themselves.


  • “I had no intention of staying in the startup world but the startup world didn’t leave me.”
  • “Uber for all things mom.” 
  • “It’s a one-stop-shop, mainly for professional women, who are also involved in their child’s life.”
  • “I don’t use the phrase ‘work-life balance’. For me, it’s a life balance.”
  • “Dispatch mom not only does it provide help to a busy mom, but it also doesn’t overburden a human being”

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