Episode 007: How to Balance Mom-life, Work-life and Your life 

 August 13, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

Do you feel guilty for showering? Redefine your definition of self-care with Ceri Payne, MEd., Your Organized Life Coach. As a mom of three beautiful girls, she understands what it feels like to want more, but not feel like there is enough time. In this episode, you’ll learn how Ceri has equipped many Mompreneurs with the skills they need to create the home life, business life, and mommyhood of their dreams without sacrificing what matters most. 

Ceri taught special education for several years after being a stay at home mom and later wanted to expand her career. Pursuing her Ph.D. seemed impractical to Ceri at the time. However, she came across a life school coach podcast that led her to the perfect path to fulfilling her dream to help people in this style and impactful way. Now, she supports moms overcome guilt and overwhelm by teaching tools and strategies designed to make hard things easier. Whatever you are not achieving in your life because there’s not enough time and you don’t have enough energy, Ceri can show you how to get it done without sacrificing your sleep, health, or relationships. 

Ceri discusses the familiar topic of a schedule while honoring is as an instrument of adornment to enhance the beauty of life. Ceri highlights a schedule can be designed to bring empowerment, clarity, and balance to working moms. Discover the freedom that comes along with taking the time to plan when you listen to Ceri outlines specif changes you can start making today. Ceri also tells the story of a mother of six who works full time and how they overcame obstacles such as feeling defeated, not too busy before starting the day. 

Later, Ceri outlines thinking errors to avoid and how to reprogram the thoughts of what a good mom should do. Using questions such as “Is this a priority?” and “What does a good mom look like?”, Ceri teaches how to identifies different thought processes and alternatives to overpacking a schedule and being too busy. For Ceri, time is not a big deal and busy is a state of mind. Ceri shares how to tackle task management in a way that alleviates confusion and wasting time. Instead of having many unidentifiable things swirling around, Ceri takes away the drama by teaching how to identify things that we do to avoid the things we need to do. Learn how to allow yourself to be the mom and employee or the mom and business owner that you want to be. 

Find out how you can work with Ceri to develop balance in all of your life roles. With Ceri, you can drop shame, guilt, and overwhelm that comes with doing motherhood while creating room for confidence and balance. She will help you find the time you need so you can feel strong, satisfied, and successful. You get to decide what you want it to look like for you and you get to believe whatever you want.

Stay tuned to listen to Ceri’s answers your questions from social media: 

  1. How do I deal with mom guilt over balancing your work life and mom-life?
  2. How do I find time for self-care and not feel guilty about it?


  • “When we have that desire, we have that ability to make it happen.”I knew that desire was there for a reason.”
  • “I don't need to go back to get a higher education, I need to give her the first education.”
  • “We get to decide what we want it to look like for us.”
  • “Our busyness and overwhelm only come from our thoughts.”
  • “The expectation is there’s always going to be unexpected events.”
  • “Decide how you want to feel differently and think differently.”

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