Episode 006: Keep Calm and Birth On 

 July 30, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

“Labor is a lousy time to learn,” says April Freer, Owner of Mother Nurture Birth services, Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Lactation Counselor. Listen in as April divulges the comforting techniques she uses to empower families by reminding them of a simple truth: There is no right when it comes to giving birth, it's just a variation of normal. 

April’s uplifting tone celebrates the natural process of birth while tapping into the symbiotic relationship between mother and baby. Breakthrough and deconstruct the cold medicalized birthing process with April as she expresses how the world’s greatest machine, the human body, leverages the brain to remove fear and let the body do what it does naturally.

Your journey on April’s path begins as she shares her feelings on being inadvertently launched into birth work by the presence of her infant daughter. April discovered the emotional freedom that hypnobirthing brings and today she imparts her wisdom to families which helps them navigate through the choices they have to make. Learn about April’s five-week childbirth education program that provides spiritual and emotional support and explores the physiology of the birthing process.

Further, April reveals how she helps families reframe their mindsets by tapping into the emotion of joy. She also explains how hypnobirthing has enhanced her work as a doula by bringing more peace while decreasing the effort that's needed to support mother and baby. This results in the birthing process taking less time as mothers learn to work with and not fight against their bodies. Everything about pregnancy and birthing shifts.

In this episode, you’ll hear April discuss the differences between the hypnosis most are familiar with and how self-hypnosis is a skill many unknowingly use every day. Hear how families have used hypnobirth, hypnofertility, and hypnomotherhood as an aid to restoration and relaxation. Society may teach that we are fast-paced people, yet, April teaches the gift of relaxation and how to carve out time for meditation and learning. 

Later, April tells birthing stories that you won’t see on TV. These calm birthing stories make really lousy media but it makes healthy humans. April also addresses how to overcome challenges and trepidations of being pregnant during a crisis and shifts to a positive focus on what moms and babies were literally created physiologically to do. “The world can go crazy”, says April, “but two people are showing up: mom and baby.”


  • “Your body knows what it’s doing if your brain can get out of the way.” 
  • “I don't speak in absolutes, I speak in ‘ish’ because as soon as I tell you something in absolute, your baby makes me a liar.” 
  • “When parents have a different mindset going in, it’s so empowering.“
  • “Regardless of what language you speak, birth functions pretty much the same. 

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