Episode 0005 : Small Business Attorney Allie Moore 

 July 23, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

Does anyone really love law school? Small Business Attorney Allie Moore loves law school but she loves photography even more. While Allie’s law career started in 2017, her passion has always been rooted in photography. She even met her husband in a high school darkroom in 2006. Even though Allie worked for a justice on the Colorado Supreme Court as well as the Colorado Attorney General’s office, her mindset shifted when she learned that she was going to be a mom. Today, Allie embraces the freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship as she and her husband raise their two-year-old daughter. Allie’s business, Creatives Learn Law, produces an avenue for her to creatively use her law degree to help people find fulfillment in getting paid to pursue their passions. 

Listen in as Allie describes how she and her business partner Ashley, help clients overcome their fears of some of the scariest words for small business owners such as contracts, taxes, and legal. By channeling her own experience as a young entrepreneur in law school, Allie empathetically provides the right resources to help “Bootstrap” businesses meet their legal obligations with less stress.

Next, Allie navigates through the difficult path of not being able to say no. What do you do when your priorities shift and your top concern is your child’s well being? Allie explains how being an entrepreneur helps her to meet challenges as she raises her daughter. Even during the present global crisis, Allie describes the rhythm she’s set to ensure she spends quality time with her daughter while focusing on high yield activities for her business. 

Later Allie discusses the ins and outs of prioritization. When flexibility gives you the freedom to manage all aspects of your business, how do you decide between which tasks to work on and others that could be outsourced or delegated? Allie recalls facing the insecurities that come with letting go and where she found the inner confidence to let others into her world so she can be more present in her daughter’s. Allie also dovetails into a discussion about how she and Ashley have managed a business together while preserving a beautiful friendship. 

Tune in as Allie deep dives into the interpersonal side of business and how having the right business partner can add value and energy. Allie disproves the rumor that friends do not make good business partners by revealing the flow of their management and communication style. Learn about their management document and how it targets potential risk areas for feelings of resentment. Allie also expresses how their partnership makes her feel refreshed and energized, especially since she’s not alone. 

Don’t miss out on Allie’s answers to the questions you sent in on Facebook: 

“What are the advantages and disadvantages of different business structures when you are starting out, Sole Proprietors vs LLCs?”

“Should my customers and clients sign waivers for releases with regard to their exposure to COVID as part of working with your business?”


  • “We work with people who are carving their own career path and are following their passion and also trying to get paid and earn a living while they do it.”
  • “Your legal obligations are not as impossible as you think they are.”
  • “I’ve never been good at saying no, and I’ve never been good about quitting things.” 
  • “Not being alone is great.” 
  • “[LLC’s are] the easiest thing ever to own and to operate.”

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