Episode 003: Breaking Down the Taboos Around Death with Jamie Sarche 

 July 7, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

Give the gift of peace of certainty to the people you love. Join the conversation as Jamie Sarche reveals her passion for dissolving barriers halting authentic conversations about death by channeling the presence of a beloved friend. Jamie believes it's important to talk about the things our society doesn't want us to talk about. In this episode, Jamie tells the story of how she, a communications major with a dream of working in television, finds a calling in creating a safe space for people to discuss the tragic reality of death. 

Simply put, Jamie’s calling is helping people be less afraid of death. By helping them to provide their loved ones with a planned and funded funeral or memorial service, Jamie works with families to create a path for bereavement, long before it's needed. Jamie truly helps people live a better, more meaningful life. Jamie is also a seasoned speaker who’s compassionate message extends well beyond death and dying. Jamie’s voice resonates across industries and individuals, bridging her passion to demystify death while enlightening communicators on overcoming challenging conversations.

Jamie begins her story admitting that her background does not match her current calling. However, her natural abilities as a good listener and inborn drive for walking in the shoes of others transformed her initial professional skill set into advantages. Jamie does not agree with the view of society that pain should be “papered over” and yet she applies an understanding tone that leaves people feeling secure. Later Jamie walks through the path she was drawn to when her current calling unexpectedly found her.

Watch or listen as Jamie seamlessly outlines principles and guides that can be followed when approaching this sensitive subject with your children, parents, or grandparents. Jamie highlights the “Sarche family rule” and addresses sensitive questions such as: How do I talk to my children about death? Is it ever too soon to create a path for bereavement? Jamie outlines a healthy way to identify family values and leave families intact. 

Later, Jamie addresses how COVID-19 has impacted her support of families who have been led by current events to shift their viewpoint of planning for bereavement from the theoretical to practical. Jamie also provides information about how shes designed her process to be a comfortable way to provide your loved ones with the path to walk on knowing that it will meet your wishes.

Stay tuned to find out how Jamie has helped families ease stress and worry so they can refocus on other family values.


  • “We have the opportunity to change this culture.”
  • “The dead person is fine, but the people they love are not fine. This isn't about you, this is about the people you love.”
  • “Stop lying and acknowledge that things have a life span.”
  • “It’s such a gift of love to have the path already paved.”

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