Episode 002: Two Babies at The Same Time: Launching a Business while Pregnant with Amy Scerra of Think Global. 

 July 1, 2020

By  Pamela Maass Garrett

Amy Scerra transports you to the beginnings of her journey and passion for befriending and partnering with women entrepreneurs. In this episode, Amy illustrates strategy as the big picture. Looking at the photo of a 1000 piece puzzle while the pieces are scattered can feel overwhelming. Amy and Think Global support businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them put the pieces together. 

Amy unfolds her journey of how she pulled away from the traditional American mold and embraced an international village of entrepreneurial women to care for “two babies at the same time”. Amy even extends a personal invitation to everyone watching. Reach out to her directly to share your experiences about what you and your businesses are going through in the face of COVID-19. 

Amy is the President and Co-Founder of Think Global, a management consulting company focused on human-centered business growth. Along with her partner in life and business, Steve Haase, they are driven to do what they do because good people with great ideas matter. With over 400 clients, 90% of them still in business, they are committed not only to immediate progress but to your sustainable success. Amy describes Think Global as not just partners but more like friends, ready to take your small business to where it was always meant to be. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders evolve in a way that puts their vision first while embracing their passions with uniquely developed, growth ethic, go-to-market strategies.

Although the story begins in Scottsdale, Arizona, Amy’s path continually led her to connect with incredible women entrepreneurs all over the world. Her decision to build Think Global with Steve coincidentally began at about the same time she received a beautiful surprise, their daughter, who would come to be lovingly called Valentina. 

Amy then expresses the natural feelings and stirred up emotions of fear and excitement shared by many who meditate on the challenges of motherhood and birthing a business simultaneously. Evaluating various cultures expanded Amy’s mindset and opened her eyes to a new class of women who are empowered to run a business and take excellent care of their families. Amy also explains further how she drew on the inspiration and support of her international village of women entrepreneurs to overcome challenges. 

Later, Amy discusses the topic of work-life balance and if it really exists. How does she successfully make the best decisions for her family and run a business? At first, Amy plagued herself with guilt as she watched Valentina grow up in various Airbnbs and without a nursery decorated with a mother’s love. Yet, Amy shares how she overcame feelings of guilt by applying timeless life principles such as learning to be kind to yourself. 

Join in as Amy speaks about how her work with businesses and entrepreneurs has become enriched by motherhood. Learn how Amy strategizes through a different perspective and an empathetic lens when working with entrepreneurs with families. 


  • “The situations we are in now are not going to be forever.”
  • “Women were utilizing entrepreneurship to educate their children, make sure that they were healthy, [and] that their family and future was secure.”
  • “Women make exceptional business owners. They have a holistic view of business.”
  • “Valentina definitely came into this world with a lot of support.”

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